About Us

Mr. Seetharama Raju Founder, Managing Director

The aim is to make a positive difference and be the change maker.

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Bangalore University, and a diverse, professional working experience in the Education, IT, ITES, Independent Professional Film Making, Media/T.V and Film Industries, I’ve started my new Company, HABILEPIC (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED to provide the best video, film, Virtual Reality content creation and video/film editing, audio/sound editing and designing, subtitling, background voice narration, VFX, and other visual media content creation services and original solutions  for the Clients and Customers. 

I was an Educator/Librarian at the Oxford Institutions, a Tech Support Executive at INFOSYS and IBM, a Proprietor of my own Film Making Training Institute, SET TO SCREEN ACADEMY, a Script/Screenplay Writer, and an Independent  Documentary Film Maker in the past.

​I’ve made 29 Documentary/Short Films for various NGOs, Schools/Colleges and Corporate Clients in the last few years.

 And now, as a Founder and Managing Director of my Company, HABILEPIC (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED, my intention and vision is to create a valuable source for the Local, National and International Clients and Customers, by offering the reasonable and best video, film, VR and other visual media content creation services and original creative solutions.

Our Vision

HABILEPIC (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated on November 23, 2016.

Our vision is to exceed the expectations of our Clients and Customers and deliver the best and memorable creative performance. We aim to not just perform well, complete the projects on time and on the budget and satisfy our Clients’ and Customers’ project needs, but also aim to retain their future projects again and again. We believe, building and retaining the Clients’ and Customers’ trust and confidence in our work is a great rewarding factor.

​We want to make our vision happen, real time and on time. 


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